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Austin Sanchez

Director and Producer

Austin Sanchez is a multimedia journalist with datelines from Chicago, Miami, Jacksonville and Mexico City. He graduated from Flagler College in 2019 and is currently a videographer for a city in Texas. 


Skyler Manley

Producer and Writer

Skyler Manley is a multimedia journalist with a strong interest in documentary production. Skyler recently graduated from Flagler College in 2020 with a degree in Digital Media Production and Journalism with a minor in Political Science. With a passion for honest and emotional storytelling, she has a focus on working with subjects to make sure that they tell their own story. 


Katie Collins

Producer and Editor

Katie Collins is currently pursuing a degree in Media Production with a minor in Film Studies. Katie has a sincere passion for the art of filmmaking, and is passionate about using the art to build empathy and provide a voice to those that may otherwise be silent. 

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